Mobile Tester Resume 4.5 years Exp

Name: xxxxx
Contact No: +91-xxxxxxxxxxx
4 years in Quality Testing/processes
xxxxxx(company Name),xxxxtown,20xx-present
xxxxxx(company Name),20xx to 20xxx
xxxxxx(company Name) –20xx

.Strong knowledge of SDLC, STLC, Bug Life Cycle
.Expertise in Manual testing & Mobile Application Testing
.Extensive experience in Sanity testing, Feature testing, Functional testing, System testing, Compatibility testing, Retesting, Regression Testing, Performance testing, Load testing and stress testing in mobile handsets and web-based applications
.Experience in testing the Porting of the application on different Mobile Handset.
.Expertise of testing the application developed using various mobile technologies including J2ME, Blackberry, Andriod, Symbian, .Net Technology etc.
.Very good exposure of testing applications on wide range of Mobile handset of different vendors which includes Nokia, Samsung, Google G1, Sony Erricson, Motorola, Windows Mobile, HTC, LG, Iphone and many more.
.Good understanding of working on the applications developed for touch screen phones.
.Having experience in MMS, Email, Instant Messanger, OTA
.Knowledge of remote testing
.Expertise in writing test scripts using mobile handset automation testing tools VNC Robot, mVNC proxy, and server.
.Having extensive knowledge in mobile technologies like GSM, GPRS, WAP
.Participation in creation of test plans, creating test cases & bug reports
.Managing, analyzing, and maintaining test cases
.Client report verification, testing of WBTs, CBTs, engine and LMS Testing.
.Checking for the code standard as per client requirement
.Mentored new team member
.Handling the outsourced team of QA (Allocating work etc).
.Experienced in client interactions.
.Hands on experience on tools like Araxis, WinSCP3, VSS (database repository and retrieval), Bug Database, PIVOT.
.Good Knowledge of UNIX/Linux commands
.Test-End and Build-Verification Report generation using “Windiff”
.Experience Media (Audio/Video) validation.
.Knowledge of Automated tools QTP, Load runner

=>B.Tech(xxxx)from XXXXX University,xxxx(city),year xxxx.

• Manual Testing (Ad-hoc, Functional, GUI, System, Regression Testing)
• Visual Source Safe for versioning.
• Knowledge of Shared Portal.
• Knowledge of QTP, Load Runner

• C, C++
• Core Java, J2ME
• Oracle 8i

Projects Details:
Project Name                 : xxxxxxx
Client                                  : xxxxxxx
Environment                   : J2ME,BlackBerry
Devices                               : BalckBerry,Nokia,Samsung
Duration                            : 20xx to Present
TeamSize                            : 6 Nos.
Team Environment        : ManualTesting,Pivot

Project Description:
xxxxxxxx is a Java (J2ME) application that runs on a mobile device such as a BlackBerry, for example, and enables the device to function as a xxxxx extension while on the go. In addition to initiating calls from the Call History, Voice Mail, and Quick Dialer screens, the xxxx software provides an interface similar to xxxx Call Manager and offers a subset of the functions available in xxx. User can access their voice mail messages, configure Call Handling Mode settings, and configure Office Anywhere settings from their mobile device via the xxx interface. This application also supports LBS which automatically route calls coming on the user extension to the desired phone number or to the voicemail as per user settings and current location.

Roles and Responsibilities:
•Involved in project from the kick-off phase
•Attending the client calls to gather project testing requirement
•Created testing schedule for the various phases
•Designed test case according to requirements of newly added functionality
•Review & updation of client provided test cases
•Integration, functional, Usability, System and regression testing
•Tested the Calling, Call forward, LBS, Bluetooth, voicemail, call history functionalities
•Bug reporting directly to the client as this is majorly a testing project
•Coordination with the project manager.

Project Name                               : xxxxxxx
Client                                                : xxxxxxx
Environment                                 : J2ME, Symbian, WTK 2.5
Devices                                             : Nokia,Sony Ericsson,Samsung and LG
Duration                                           : 20xx to 20xx
TeamSize                                         : 35 Nos.
Team Environment                      : ManualTesting,Pivot

Project Description:
Testing of company xxxxx instant messaging product via multiple clients, taking device OS and form factor differences into account.

Roles and Responsibilities:
•Reviewing and updating Test Cases as per requirement for different releases.
•Worked on the three version of the release.
•Involved in Gap Analysis Testing, Sanity/Smoke testing, Integration testing, Porting Testing, Localization Testing (Repository Testing), Branding Testing, Regression Testing
•OTA Installation testing.
•Testing of the chat conversations, sending/receiving picture messages, MMS, sending SMS from the chat, calling from the conversation
•Testing all the other functionalities for a PC version of the product, including Blocking/Unblocking a contact, Adding, deleting a contact, Display of the groups etc
•Making changes in the configuration files inside the JAR and then installing the build on the mobile devices for checking its effects.
•Handling certification based tests relating to java verified, Vodafone certification & MSN certification
•Performance testing
•Automated few test case for Image & text comparison through mVNC and VNC Robot
•Bugs reporting on bug tracking tool & Updating the status of the bugs – Pivot.
•Involved in regular discussions with developers regarding defects
•Provide testing Status Reports.

Project Name                                      : xxxxxxx
Client                                                       : xxxxxxx
Environment                                        : Windows XP, Flash, Java script, Java and Dream Weaver.
Duration                                                 : 20xx to 20xx
TeamSize                                                : 25 Nos.
Team Environment                            : ManualTesting and Bug Database

Project Description:
The ITI Technical Institute is situated in xxxx. It offers an online education of technical courses for the students to pursue their educational objectives, throughout the world. Student pays fees online, gives examinations online, and gets their results online.

Roles and Responsibilities:
•Testing of the CBT, WBT and online courses
•LMS and Engine testing
•Testing of the online courses uploaded on the testing and Actual server.
•Validation of the course content from the storyboard provided from the ID or SME
•Testing of the online QUIZ and Exams its marks evaluations
•Responsible for the Integration, functionality, GUI and system testing
•Reporting the bugs on the bug tracking tools – Bug Database
•Maintaining the bug cycle, bug verification, closure of the assigned testing tasks
•Responsible for the creation of test end and build verification report using the tools Windiff and Araxis Merge
•Involved in the creation of bug summary list.
•Maintaining the build on the configuration tool VSS.
•Involved in the creation of check list for the various phases

Personal Details:
Father’s Name      : XXXXXXX
Date Of Birth          : xx-xx-xxxx
Native Place           : xxxxxxx
Blood Group           : xxxxx